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What You Should Know Before Co-Signing a Bail Bond July 17, 2019

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What You Should Know Before Co-Signing a Bail Bond, West Plains, Missouri

When a friend or family member is in police custody, a bail bond may be the only way to secure their release until trial. In most cases, posting bail while incarcerated can seem difficult. Accordingly, an inmate will ask someone they trust to co-sign a bond for them. While you may be anxious to get your loved one at home as quickly as possible, it’s important to understand what co-signing a bail bond means before signing.

What Is Co-Signing a Bail Bond?

When you co-sign a bail bond, you’re essentially promising the agency that you’ll share financial responsibility if the defendant fails to appear in court. Occasionally, this means putting up some kind of collateral, such as a car or real estate title, to ensure all interests are protected. At the conclusion of the case, this collateral is returned.

Who May Co-Sign a Bail Bond? 

bail bondsBail bond agencies must protect their financial interests as well as their clients, so be prepared to answer questions about your employment and address history. Most bond agencies prefer that co-signers have stable employment and have lived in a certain area for a certain period.

What If the Defendant Fails to Appear?

If the defendant wilfully fails to appear in court, the bail bond agency may elect to seize the property used as collateral unless the accused is returned to custody. To protect their property and financial future, co-signers should take any steps necessary to ensure their loved one makes all of their scheduled court appearances. In almost any instant of a failure to appear, communicating clearly with your bail bond agent will rectify matter with no negative recourse. 


If someone close to you has been arrested anywhere in southern Missouri, Nicholas Bail Bonds will guide you through the system and advocate for their release. They’ve been serving defendants throughout the area for over 15 years, offering respectful service, flexible payment plans, and prompt attention 24 hours a day. Visit their website to learn how they can help, follow their Twitter for updates, or call (417) 255-1109 for immediate assistance any time.

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