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5 Ways to Encourage Children to Share Their Toys August 12, 2019

Mamaroneck, Westchester
5 Ways to Encourage Children to Share Their Toys, Mamaroneck, New York

Social interaction is an important aspect of a child’s development. As toddlers grow, they begin to socialize with others at day care and the playground. While many kids may feel territorial with their belongings, it’s imperative to teach them to share their toddler toys to avoid conflict with other children. Here are a few tips to encourage sharing.

How Parents Can Teach Their Child to Share

1. Teach Them Early

As soon as your child begins to hand you a toddler toy during playtime, start teaching them how to share. An effective way is to sit with your child and take turns giving and receiving. Make sure to explain when it's their turn and when it's your turn. This technique will also teach them how to be patient while waiting for their turn.

2. Play Games With Them

Toddler ToysPlay a game with your little one that doesn’t involve competition. Neutral games such as stacking blocks, a simple ring toss, and tossing balls in a basket can help them improve their motor skills, as well as their critical thinking. Take turns stacking blocks and throwing a ring or a ball, so your child becomes used to sharing items with you. If you make it fun, they’ll want to continue playing it.

3. Use a Timer

If your child is playing with others, limit the amount of time they’re allowed to play with toddler toys. Set a timer and explain that when it rings, it's their turn to share the toy with someone else in the group. Make sure they’re encouraged to share when the timer sounds.

4. Teach By Example

Make sure your child watches you share items around the house with your spouse and other children. You can also verbalize your actions so they know you’re sharing. This can be as simple as sitting on the couch and asking if they would like to share the couch with you. Be very expressive when you’re teaching by example to make the lesson easier to understand. 

5. Praise Them

When your little one shares their toddler toys, make sure they receive praise. Explain why you're giving them praise, and encourage them to continue to share with their friends. This will reinforce positive habits and allow your child to repeat those actions.



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