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What's the Difference Between Standard & Ductless HVAC? July 1, 2019

Mount Vernon, Knox
What's the Difference Between Standard & Ductless HVAC?, Mount Vernon, Ohio

During the coming warmer months, you’ll get plenty of use out of your home’s cooling system. But did you know you could lower energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to a ductless system? If you want to learn more about how these systems differ from standard air conditioners, take advantage of this helpful comparison.

A Guide to Standard AC & Ductless Systems 

Conventional HVAC Systems

Do the rooms in your home get their cool air from vents that sit flush to the wall? In this case, you have a standard, central HVAC system. This is based on an outdoor compressor unit and a single, indoor cooling unit that deliver air to various rooms through ductwork. These ducts run through your home above ceilings and inside walls, eventually emitting their cool air through the vents in the walls or floors. By circulating air through a filter, they remove allergens, improving the air quality.

ductlessHowever, all that air rushing through the ductwork can create a loud whooshing noise, making it hard to sleep, study, or watch a quiet film when the AC powers on. If a hole or rip develops in the ductwork—due to pests or age, cool air could leak out undetected, causing energy bills to skyrocket. If you don’t have ductwork already installed, the process can be especially invasive and expensive.

Ductless Systems

With a ductless system, a contractor will install multiple units, one in every room or zone in your house. These units are sleek and modern-looking, but certainly more noticeable than vents. However, they allow homeowners to significantly lower their heating and cooling costs by shutting off the units in unoccupied rooms—or adjusting the temperature to each family member’s liking.

Without ductwork, you don’t have to worry about leaks causing you to lose treated air and forcing your unit to work harder. With the impressive efficiency of a ductless system, you could potentially even raise the resale value of your home.


If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system with ductless units, reach out to our team at Jon's Plumbing & Heating of Mount Vernon, OH. As an official Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor (TM), you can trust us to install high-quality equipment that will last for years and reduce your household’s carbon footprint. We’ve been in business since 1998, and are proud to offer installations and repairs for both plumbing and HVAC equipment. To learn more about our offerings, visit the website, or call (740) 392-5667 to ask about a ductless system.

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