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The Do's & Don'ts of Decorating a Rental Property July 5, 2019

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The Do's & Don'ts of Decorating a Rental Property, Hinesville, Georgia

When you rent a house or an apartment, it's important to make it feel like a home. However, without your landlord’s permission, you can’t make permanent changes to the space or do anything that might compromise your security deposit. To help you walk that decorating tightrope, here are some steps you should and shouldn’t take when decorating a rental property.


Use Command™ strips.

Command strips are adhesive mounts that let you hang photos, posters, awards, and other items on the wall without using nails. Simply peel and stick. You can buy them at any home improvement store and most department stores, and they come in different sizes that normally support between 1 and 8 pounds.

Decorate with plants.

rental propertyPlants offer enormous visual interest and freshen the air indoors. They’re vibrant, inexpensive, and self-propagating, with some species requiring very little maintenance beyond occasional watering. They come in all sizes, too, so from palms to Chinese evergreens, you can find a houseplant to perk up any area of your house or apartment. 


Paint or hang wallpaper.

Most rental properties come with bland, white or off-white wall paint, and your landlord likes it that way. It acts as a blank canvas for nearly any tenant's decor tastes. Therefore, don't paint or put up wallpaper without permission. You can find any number of maps, posters, photos, or murals to hang to express yourself in a less permanent way.

Replace the flooring.

If you don't like wood floors and prefer the warmth of a carpet, buy an area rug instead of having the rental property carpeted. For one thing, you cannot take the carpeting—or any other type of permanent flooring—with you when you leave. For another, the landlord may not like it and insist that you pay to have it removed. It's better for all concerned if you leave the walls, flooring, and exterior of the home alone. From decorative styles to plush deep-pile rugs, you can easily stamp your personality on your home.


If you’re looking for a home for rent, contact David McDonald Rentals in Hinesville, GA. The agency has served Liberty County for nearly 30 years and has a number of rental properties throughout the region. Visit their website to view a list of current vacancies or call (912) 368-9218 to rent a house, mobile home, or a duplex.

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