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How Long Should a Garage Door Last? July 30, 2019

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How Long Should a Garage Door Last?, Rochester, New York

Garage doors determine the aesthetic and functionality of the structure. And though they won’t last forever, knowing the life span of your doors will help you save up for replacements when the time comes. More importantly, understanding which aspects affect the life span ensures you’ll make your door last for as long as possible.

How Long Do They Last?

The lifetime of a garage door is determined by three factors: construction quality, quality of care, and how heavily it’s used. Doors from well-known and trusted manufacturers will often last longer and work better than doors made by obscure brands. These recognizable manufacturers will have the revenue to invest more in employee training and better materials than start-up or struggling companies.

How well you care for your door affects their lifetime, too, as regular garage door maintenance prevents premature failures. A door that’s been stringently maintained will last much longer than one that’s been neglected. Also, garage doors that are used frequently will need to be replaced sooner than ones used intermittently, such as on vacation homes. This is because parts like the springs and tracks will wear down much faster. On average, a garage door should last 10 years, while higher quality ones can last for over 25.

How Do I Extend Their Lifetime?

garage doorsGarage doors are a sizeable investment, so it’s natural to want to get the most use out of them as possible. To do this, be exacting about following garage door maintenance guidelines. Maintenance from a reliable garage door service company includes steps like lubricating moving parts, inspecting parts for damage and wear, and testing the safety settings. This lowers the risk of breakdowns while optimizing the door’s function to minimize wear.

If you ever need a garage door repair, it should be done as soon as possible so the issue doesn’t affect other parts of the door. The exterior of the doors also need maintenance, such as regular cleaning and inspection. Having your repairs done by a trusted professional will also ensure a long door life, as trying to do them yourself can result in damage. 


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