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What Signs Point to Potential Elder Abuse? July 31, 2019

Bronx, New York City, NY
What Signs Point to Potential Elder Abuse?, Bronx, New York

Elderly individuals often rely on relatives and home health care aides for daily assistance. Unfortunately, some individuals try to take advantage of a senior citizen’s vulnerable state, inflicting harm or exploiting them in financial, emotional, and other ways. If you suspect that a friend or loved one is the victim of elder abuse, watch for these warning signs and contact an attorney to see what steps should be taken next.

Recognizing Elder Abuse

Elder abuse exists in many forms. Some of the most common types of abuse include physical abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse. Each type of abuse exhibits itself differently, so it’s important to be aware of the signs of different kinds of elder abuse.

Physical Abuse

attorneyElderly people often bruise easily, so be on the lookout for any swollen or discolored areas when their skin is exposed. A personal injury could indicate your loved one is being physically abused.

Emotional Abuse

If the person’s caregiver suddenly prevents them from interacting with others, the isolation inflicted is a form of emotional abuse. You should also pay attention to how the potential abuser interacts with the elderly person when others are around. If the person is ignored, threatened, or put down, they are in an unhealthy situation. Your loved one might also act scared, frightened, or withdrawn as a result.

Financial Abuse

Older people often rely on others to help manage their finances. If the senior’s bank account is drained, checks bounce, or they get constant calls from creditors, someone is misusing their funds. If you suspect that an older loved one is experiencing financial abuse, or want to take steps to prevent this from occurring, offer to help them monitor their funds. It can be as simple as meeting with them every week or month to review their balances and make sure that no unusual withdrawals or payments have been made.

Why Seek Out an Attorney for Help?

If your elderly loved one is experiencing abuse by those who should provide compassionate care, there could be legal recourse. On your friend or relative’s behalf, reach out to an attorney. If nursing home providers are to blame, they could help settle civil suits for neglect or bring about criminal charges for physical abuse. An attorney can also let the victim know how best to proceed if an adult child or others in the home are the cause of the fear and tension.



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