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4 Common Myths About Ductless HVAC Systems July 12, 2019

Marietta, Washington
4 Common Myths About Ductless HVAC Systems, Marietta, Ohio

Most new homes today are equipped with a central air conditioning system, but that isn’t your only cooling option. Ductless HVAC systems are rising in popularity due to their energy efficiency and multi-zone cooling capabilities. If you’re considering installation with an HVAC contractor, you may have come across a few myths during your research. The following guide dispels some of the most common misconceptions about ductless mini-split systems.

Dispelling Ductless HVAC System Myths

1. Old Homes Can’t Be Retrofitted With Ductless Systems

Many homeowners believe that ductless system installations are only feasible in new construction projects. In reality, an HVAC contractor can easily retrofit this technology into existing and older homes. This is especially true in houses that have no existing ductwork, where putting in a central air system could be difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Ductless mini-splits require very little space and can help modernize your home.

2. Ductless HVAC Systems Require More Maintenance

Perhaps due to its HVAC contractorperception as advanced technology, ductless mini-splits are often thought to require more upkeep than other systems. However, these systems need the same standard maintenance from an HVAC contractor as a central air system. Homeowners can do simple tasks like filter cleaning on their own.

3. Ductless Units Provide Uneven Cooling & Heating

The misconception that ductless systems produce inconsistent temperatures likely stems from having separate units. Unlike window units, however, ductless mini-splits are designed to circulate air throughout your home. With a ductless unit in the room, you should feel the cool air no matter where you stand.

4. Ductless Air Conditioners Are Bulky & Noticeable

Many homeowners are concerned that installing ductless mini-splits out in the open will look unattractive. In practice, you likely won’t even notice their presence. The indoor components of these systems are installed high on the wall, and their small and sleek design allows them to blend in with your interior. Ductless systems are also built with noise-reducing technology to provide your family with whisper-quiet comfort.


Are you ready to upgrade your home with energy efficient ductless mini-splits? The commercial and residential HVAC technicians at Wilson Heating of Marietta, OH, will professionally install the best system for your home. This HVAC contractor is dedicated to providing reliable heating and cooling services at an affordable cost, whether you need routine maintenance, furnace, and air conditioning repair, or system installation. For a full list of services, visit their website. Call (740) 373-7874 to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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