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4 Communication Tips for Pediatric Nurses August 16, 2019

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4 Communication Tips for Pediatric Nurses, Suffern, New York

Caregivers and pediatric nurses who work exclusively with children often alter their approach to medical care to put young patients at ease. Since communication skills might be limited and on-going health care at a hospital or from an in-home nurse can be intimidating for little ones, here are a few methods used to reduce anxiety and unnecessary stress. 

Top 4 Communication Strategies Pediatric Nurses Use With Young Patients

1. Stay on Their Level

When working with children, the height and presence of an adult can instantly create a level of fear or intimidation. You need to even the playing field and establish a rapport so a child is open to an examination and willing to discuss their symptoms. Many pediatric nurses make a habit of kneeling, crouching, or setting up a low chair so that the child feels like an equal who’s also in control of the situation. 

2. Maintain an Inviting Space

Pediatric NursesChildren respond well to environments that feel suited to their imagination and interests. When possible, create an inviting space that’s kid-friendly, complete with colorful walls, cartoon artwork, toys, stuffed animals, or books that will catch their eye. If you’re treating a patient in their home, wear kid-friendly scrubs in bright patterns and designs to establish a warm persona. 

3. Explain Before You Touch

With young patients, each exam, vaccination, or treatment may be their first, and going through the process can be scary. Before performing an action, explain what you’re doing and why the step is helpful and necessary. 

4. Reward Bravery

Most importantly, celebrate a young patient’s strength and bravery. By making a child feel accomplished and proud of their ability to get through an appointment or a treatment, they will feel supported and soothed. 


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