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4 Electrical Safety Tips for Expectant Moms July 10, 2019

Fennimore, Grant
4 Electrical Safety Tips for Expectant Moms, Fennimore, Wisconsin

In addition to choosing nursery colors, creating a baby shower registry, and acquiring everything else you need in preparation for your little one’s arrival, you need to think about electrical safety. Babies, toddlers, and small children are naturally curious and will touch electrical outlets and power cords unless you take steps to stop them. Help keep your child safe from electrical hazards by working with an electrical contractor to babyproof your home. Use these four tips to get started.

4 Electrical Safety Suggestions for Expecting Mothers

1. Install Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Ask your electrical contractor to install tamper-resistant outlets throughout your home. These outlets are covered by spring-loaded shutters that immediately close when you remove a cord. Outlet plugs can also provide some protection, but children are apt to pry them off. Outlet plugs also present potential choking hazards, so opt for tamper-resistant outlets to achieve an extra level of safety.

2. Ensure Nursery Safety

Discuss nursery electrical safety with a residential electrician and make any suggested changes. If you’re adding outlets to the room to accommodate extra lighting, for example, your electrical contractor can ensure they don’t overload your system.

3. Use Electrical Outlet Safety Covers for Plugs

Add outlet safety covers to protect any plugs from the reach of crawling babies or curious toddlers. These clear cases prevent children from ripping electrical cords from your outlets. Safety covers are usually easy for homeowners to install, but you can always ask an electrical contractor to fit them over your outlets, including those in your nursery.

4. Schedule a General Inspection

electrical contractorsSchedule a general electrical inspection with your contractor for extra peace of mind in the days before the baby arrives. Your electrical contractor will inspect your wiring, circuit breaker box, outlets, and switches and verify that all components of your electrical system are up to code.


Discuss these and other electrical safety tips with the electrical contractors at H & N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical. Based in Fennimore, WI, they are part of a family-owned company that has served the region since 1958. Visit them online to request service or a quote, or reach them by phone at (888) 822-3258.

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