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How Can Therapy Help Solve Common Senior Challenges? July 17, 2019

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How Can Therapy Help Solve Common Senior Challenges?, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Whether due to a chronic disease, surgery, or injury, there are many reasons why seniors might need therapies. But while these challenges are prevalent, older adults have numerous therapy options that can help them restore abilities and prevent further complications. To better illustrate the potential of these treatments, here are five common types of challenges that seniors face and the elderly care programs that can help address them.

5 Common Senior Concerns & Elderly Care Solutions That Help

1. Lost Muscle Mass

Muscle mass due to aging—also known as sarcopenia—can cause seniors to lose strength, making it difficult for them to achieve daily tasks. Physical therapy programs will often involve resistance training to help affected individuals rebuild muscle tissue. If weakness persists, occupational therapy can identify ways people can complete tasks without having to put additional strain on the body.

2. Osteoarthritis

Estimated to impact more than 31 million Americans, osteoarthritis is a common chronic condition that involves the deterioration of joint cartilage. As cartilage reduces, joints are more likely to become inflamed, causing problematic swelling, pain, and immobility. Through physical therapy, seniors can safely stretch out affected joints to help reduce swelling and pain. Occupational therapy can also introduce patients to tools designed to improve grip and reduce the impact on joints.   

3. Stroke-Related Damage

elderly careMany individuals who encounter a stroke will face difficulties using one side of their body. Physical therapy can help these patients retrain their bodies and improve their overall functionality. Stroke-related brain damage may also impact one’s ability to recognize and produce words. Speech therapy can help repair these damaged areas of the brain and help seniors relearn communication skills.

4. Fall Injuries

Weak bones, instability, and vision problems are just a few reasons why falling is a leading elderly care concern. When these events happen, it’s not uncommon for victims to fracture bones—especially the hip bone. While surgery can sometimes help repair these injuries, physical therapy is often needed to help patients heal and strengthen their bodies in order to prevent future fall injuries.

5. Dementia

Different types of dementia—including Alzheimer’s disease—affect various regions of the brain, causing seniors to develop memory loss, as well as lose their ability to recall words or complete routine activities. While there is no cure for this cognitive decline, occupational and speech therapy can help seniors adapt to the condition, as well as keep their brain active to prevent further deterioration.


If someone you love is challenged by the effects of aging, Hillview Health Care Center is here to offer a wide range of therapeutic and elderly care solution. Offering a variety of senior housing options in La Crosse, WI, this provider can connect your family to both independent , assisted living, and nursing rehabilitation.  Taking a personalized approach, these specialists will also accommodate your loved one’s specific needs through safe and effective rehab programs—including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. To learn more about their living options, visit this senior community online or call (608) 789-4800.

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