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Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits for Home Cooling July 12, 2019

North Canton, Stark
Benefits of Ductless Mini-Splits for Home Cooling, North Canton, Ohio

This summer, you may look for ways to keep cool when your current AC doesn’t provide the power you need. There’s a smarter way to manage the temperature of your home than a traditional central HVAC system, which provides uneven cooling. If you’re looking for another AC installation, you should know about ductless mini-splits, which use individual devices rather than a single piece of equipment. To help you find relief from the heat this season, here are some reasons you will benefit from this kind of air conditioner. 

Why Do I Need a Ductless AC Installation?

Multi-Zone Cooling

One of the greatest benefits of ductless mini-split air conditioners is that they give you the ability to cool each room individually without the need for expensive ductwork. This is especially helpful for large rooms, which could otherwise experience hot and cold spots. Ductless units are popular additions to sunrooms and basements, since these can experience temperature fluctuations due to many windows or lack of ventilation. 

Quiet Operation

AC InstallationDuctless AC installations also allow you to relax in a cool room without the pesky noise of a traditional system. Since their noisy components are located outdoors, you won’t hear any sounds when your system is on. This makes it an effective cooling method for bedrooms and nurseries.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Since they don’t require ducts, these air conditioners are also easily set up. They only require outdoor condensing units, copper tubing to deliver power, and the equipment itself. This means that there are fewer parts that could break down and require AC repairs. It also eliminates the need for air duct cleaning, since dust and other fire hazards will never accumulate in your unit. 

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-splits operate much more efficiently than central systems, saving you money every month on utility bills. Since you can control the temperature of individual rooms, you won’t waste energy by lowering your thermostat to cool a specific area when other parts of the home are vacant. They also don’t lose some of their cool air inside the ducts as traditional systems do, meaning you won’t have to leave them on for prolonged periods to feel results. 


If you’re interested in ductless mini-splits for an AC installation, contact the experts at CKP Heating & Cooling in North Canton, OH, and the surrounding area. Their team of trained technicians specialize in residential and industrial HVAC services. They can quickly set up your new system to keep you comfortable in every room of your property. Learn more about their cooling products online or call (330) 791-3029 to schedule an appointment. 
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