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4 Effects of Not Recycling Computers July 11, 2019

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4 Effects of Not Recycling Computers, Harrison, Arkansas

From connecting us with our family and friends to keeping us informed about world news, computers benefit everyone. However, when they become outdated and are thrown away, they can be harmful to the environment, which is why everyone should recycle them. Here are some of the negative effects of not recycling computers.

4 Consequences of Not Recycling Computers

1. Toxic to the Environment

Computers contain toxic substances, like mercury, lead, and cadmium. If they get thrown away improperly, they can release these substances into the environment where they can get into the soil and water or evaporate into the air we breathe. 

2. Denies Advantages to Others

Some individuals may get rid orecyclingf their old computers when they become outdated, even if there’s nothing technically wrong with them. Computers that are still in good working condition can be beneficial to schools, students, and nonprofit organizations. By donating old computers, you are giving others the chance to benefit from technology.

3. Not Conserving Natural Resources

Old computers contain many components that can be reused to manufacture new computers, such as glass and plastic from the monitors. By recycling your old computers, you can reduce the amount of natural resources needed to produce new computers. 

4. Reduces Jobs

A large percentage of electronic equipment can be recycled, so recycling your old computers can help create jobs. Companies that deal with recycling electronics will need to hire more people to recover these materials.


If you want to recycle an old computer, turn to the professionals at Evage Electronic Recycling in Harrison, AR. The waste management and recycling center gives people the opportunity to properly dispose of items without harming the environment. The EPA-certified center understands the importance of recycling for the community and takes everything from computers to televisions. They also hold drives for schools, organizations, and municipalities and organize pickups for businesses who want their recyclables hauled away. For more information about their computer recycling services, call (870) 416-2294 or visit their website.

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