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5 Tips for Staying Safe in Your Apartment Rental July 8, 2019

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5 Tips for Staying Safe in Your Apartment Rental, Cookeville, Tennessee

Apartment rentals are often less secure than purchased homes due to the higher turnover rate. Safety is particularly variable in communities that offer short-term leases, which make it difficult for renters to know their neighbors. If you’re looking for the perfect rental, there are several steps you can take to reduce the odds of a burglary once you move in. 

3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Safer

1. Request New Locks

You may move into an apartment that has the same lock and key as the previous tenant. Make sure to ask the apartment manager for verification that the locks have been replaced so no one can enter your home without your permission. For additional protection, request a deadbolt lock if there’s not already one on your front door. 

2. Install Security Cameras

Whether a doorbell camera or parking lot surveillance, video is an excellent crime deterrent for an apartment rental. Criminals fear being identified and leaving behind evidence, so they’ll think twice about breaking into your apartment. Be sure to examine the property before you sign the lease and determine your monitoring options. 

3. Purchase a Safe

apartment rentalSafes are a good option to protect your valuables from anyone who’s in your apartment. Consider your budget, the size you need, and the type of technology you want in a safe. If possible, choose a model that’s too heavy to easily carry. This will deter most thieves since they aim to get in and out of their targets quickly with the least amount of effort.


If you’re looking for an apartment rental or single-family home, check out Buckner Properties in Cookeville, TN. With an emphasis on the security and safety of every tenant, they’ve been helping renters find their perfect homes for more than 50 years. Call (931) 526-2104 today to schedule a tour of available properties and to experience their exceptional customer service. Learn more about safety on their website.

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