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3 Ways to Make Swimwear More Supportive July 11, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Ways to Make Swimwear More Supportive, Manhattan, New York

Many women practically live in their bathing suits during the summer months. If spandex, nylon, or cotton is worn frequently and often damp, it could begin to stretch and lose some of its shape. If you want to make sure you always feel supported, consider the following alterations to your swimwear. 

3 Minor Adjustments That Add Support to Swimwear

1. Add Boning

If a swimsuit is loose in the bust or rib cage, sew boning into the sides or cups to restore the shape. Sew two seams close together to serve as a channel to hold the hard plastic tubing. Stitch the top and bottom to close off the seams.

2. Sew in Padding

If your spandex, nylon, or cotton swimsuit needs more bust support, look for an expendable bra in your underwear drawer. You can cut out the cups and sew them into your swimwear. You should create a pocket made of swimwear lining to hold each cup before sewing the assemblage in at the seams. 

3. Create Underwire

New-York-New-York-spandexWhen swimwear is wet, slippage in the chest area is a strong possibility. To ensure breasts remain in place, sew underwire into the bust area. You can buy wires or pull them out of an old bra. If there is a wide seam already, open it to slide in the wires. Otherwise, use additional fabric or create seams to support the underwire.


If you need spandex, nylon, or other fabrics to alter your current swimsuit or make one from scratch, head to Spandex House in New York City. The Manhattan-based shop caters to DIY enthusiasts, costume design professionals, and anyone else who needs sewing advice as well as spandex, Lycra fabric, sequins, and other high-quality materials. To learn more about the selection, call (212) 354-6711 and visit the website for weekly specials. Become a Facebook follower for project ideas. 

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