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5 Engaging Questions to Ask Class Reunion Attendees July 12, 2019

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5 Engaging Questions to Ask Class Reunion Attendees, Honolulu, Hawaii

Class reunions provide attendees with a chance to reconnect and explore what’s going on in the lives of fellow classmates. They also afford the unique opportunity to reflect on fond memories from school days. If you’re the organizer for an upcoming reunion, ask the following questions of prospective attendees, which can be filled out on paper or in an electronic form. For a fun and engaging experience, you can even read some answers aloud during the event.

5 Poll Questions for Class Reunions

1. Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

This can be a starting point for getting classmates to reflect on their school days. Often, recalling a beloved teacher also helps attendees recount their favorite moments from the class, whether it was a group project, field trip, or presentation.

2. Who Did You Bring to Prom?

class reunionProm is an important rite of passage that will undoubtedly bring up some fun memories. You might also ask classmates if they recall who was named prom king and queen and where the event was held. Some organizers even turn these questions into fun competitions at the reunion and give away small prizes, like school-themed hats or mugs.

3. What Were Some Popular Songs When You Graduated?

For many students, high school experiences are largely shaped by trends and pop culture. Polling your attendees about popular songs can help you cultivate the perfect reunion soundtrack, which will transport your guests down memory lane from the moment they arrive.

4. What Was Your Favorite School Activity?

Chances are many alumni will remember the football MVPs, but it may also be interesting to reflect on which classmates participated in the arts, clubs, and other activities. This can be a fun way to open up conversations among attendees over shared interests.

5. What’s Your Most Vivid High School Memory?

For some students, high school is linked with one standout memory. For others, it’s more of a collection of repeated activities, like going to sports games or playing an instrument in the school marching band. Finding out which memories stand out most among your classmates can lead to shared nostalgia and a sense of rediscovered community.


If you’re preparing for your class reunion to celebrate a milestone with fellow alumni in Honolulu, HI, the St. Louis Alumni Association is here to help. This community has been in place since 1907. They’ll help you with all of the reunion logistics, including setting up a hall rental and organizing event details. Learn more about their rooms on their website, or call (808) 949-6633 to make a reservation.

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