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3 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Child With Sensitive Teeth July 10, 2019

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3 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Child With Sensitive Teeth, Honolulu, Hawaii

Tooth sensitivity is an issue for many children. It results from weak enamel not properly protecting the teeth, which can, in turn, arise from poor dental care or even be hereditary. The side effects can be painful, which is why you need to speak with your child’s pediatric dentist if tooth sensitivity issues arise. At home, watch what you feed your child as well.

3 Harmful Foods for Children With Sensitive Teeth

1. Acidic Foods

To preserve your child’s enamel, avoid acidic foods. As enamel weakens, it may crack and provide direct access to the tooth’s root. Citrus is especially problematic because of its high acidity, so avoid serving it whole or in drink form. Ask your child’s pediatric dentist about toothpaste that can remineralize enamel to combat sensitivity.

2. Hot & Cold Foods

pediatric-dentist-pediatric-dentistry-kahalaHot and cold foods can cause immediate pain for children with sensitive teeth. Small perforations called dental tubules allow temperatures to affect the tooth’s nerve, producing pain that can range from sharp and consistent to dull and infrequent. Always be mindful of the temperatures of your child’s foods and drinks. Serve water and other beverages without ice, and give them time to warm up if they’ve been in the fridge for a while. Warm foods will need to cool off, especially liquid ones like soup that may more easily enter dental tubules.

3. Sweets

Sweets should be served in moderation. Sugar fuels decay-causing bacteria, helping them break down enamel. Stay away from processed sugars, candies, cakes, and anything else loaded with sugar. Ask your pediatric dentist for healthier alternatives. If your child does consume something sweet, have them rinse their mouth with water.


If your child is dealing with tooth sensitivity and related problems, Pediatric Dentistry Kahala is here to help. Based in Honolulu, HI, this practice led by pediatric dentist Allen K. Hirai focuses on establishing a strong foundation for children’s oral health. With over 24 years of experience, Dr. Hirai provides comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Call (808) 737-0076 to schedule a dental checkup, and explore the practice’s services online. You can also connect on Facebook for more oral health tips.

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