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Do Oral Piercings Impact Dental Care? July 8, 2019

Rhinelander, Oneida
Do Oral Piercings Impact Dental Care?, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

While an oral piercing is a unique way to express individuality, most dentists aren’t fans of these fashion-forward accessories. That’s because these piercings can negatively influence dental health and oral hygiene. Here’s what you need to know about piercings in and around the mouth.

4 Ways Piercings Affect Oral Hygiene & Health

1. Damage to Teeth & Dental Work

Chewing on piercings can crack your tooth enamel. This bad habit may also disrupt any fillings or other dental work you have, which would require an emergency trip to the dentist. If you have a piercing, make every effort to stop chewing on metal pieces or your risk serious enamel damage.

2. Increased Saliva Production

Saliva helps prevent plaque from clinging to your teeth, but too much can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing when talking or sleeping. Mouth piercings stimulate extra saliva production. If you find yourself drooling excessively after getting a tongue or lip piercing, consider removing the jewelry.

oral piercing3. Higher Risk of Infection

Piercings must be done in a safe and sterile environment to reduce your risk of infection. Unfortunately, even a seemingly clean tattoo shop may not be completely sterile, which can lead to complications. An infection, especially involving the tongue, is a serious health and oral hygiene matter. Airway constriction is possible if the tongue or other tissues swell as a result of infection.

4. Possible Nerve Damage

While it’s less likely than the above occurrences, nerve damage can result from a piercing. It can cause problems moving the muscles necessary for speaking and eating, or it can cause a feeling of numbness in the mouth. While feeling returns in many cases, some people experience long-term nerve damage as a result of oral piercings.


The dentists at Timber Drive Dental don’t want to cramp your style, but they do want their patients to understand the possible effects of oral piercings. They take great pride in educating residents of Rhinelander, WI, when it comes to oral hygiene and health, from children undergoing their first exam to adults exploring their dental restoration options. Take advantage of more than two decades of dental experience by calling (715) 365-1800 to schedule an appointment. If you want more information on the full listing of services, please visit the website

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