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How To Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing System August 16, 2015

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How To Ruin Your Home’s Plumbing System, Carrollton, Texas

Yep, it seems counter-intuitive. We spend lots of time and effort helping customers avoid these issues. But we have come to learn that some people (make that men, because most women are smarter than we are) only learn by touching hot stoves. So, if you are hell-bent on ruining your plumbing system here are some things that will do the trick.

Leave your outside hoses connected to the faucets during the winter. We know it’s easy to forget about this little tip. Just remember that if you keep them attached during a freeze then they can freeze, burst and so can your outside faucet. Smart people always disconnect the hoses, drain the sprinkler systems and cover all faucets.

Use gallons and gallons of drain cleaner. Hey, If a little bit does some good, then a lot will do even better, right? Not by a long-shot. Too much drain cleaner can really damage your plumbing system and seriously damage pipes, causing corrosion or nasty clogs. Follow the directions on the container, they are there for a reason.

If you have a septic system, then just pour all kinds of left-overs, waste, chemicals, etc. into it. Many chemicals like bleach, paint, some soaps, drain cleaner, and other products can kill the important bacteria in a septic tank, resulting in a smelly dilemma.

Pour grease down the kitchen sink. You just finished cooking 50 slices of breakfast bacon and you have all this leftover grease… What to do with it? Maybe you tried putting it in your hair one time, but the neighborhood dogs wouldn’t leave you alone. So now you decided just to toss it down the drain and flush it with hot water. Pouring grease into the drain can cause blockage of your main waste-water line. That means clogs throughout the whole house. Your Grandmother would have kept the bacon grease and used it again.

Go ahead and use the toilet as a garbage can also. It takes human waste, so why not other stuff? That reasoning is not sound, I’m afraid. Your household commode is designed to efficiently and effectively move human waste quickly out of your home to the city waste-water treatment facility. Flushing items like feminine products, diapers, dental floss, and other bathroom staples can cause clogs. And most of us know how unpleasant a bathroom clog is to deal with.

Are you a DIY dynamo? Then by all means, whip out that blow torch and start soldering plumbing joints. What could really go wrong? Well, you could start a nasty fire like this amateur plumber did.

Ever heard of plumbing vents? If the answer is no then you should read up on them. If you are doing renovations to your home and need to add/change the plumbing, vents are essential. Without them your plumbing won’t work, ever. Vents helps maintain the proper pressure of the vacuum that your homes plumbing is under. They let gases and air escape so that waste is removed without issue.

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