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What's the Difference Between Traditional & Ductless Air Conditioners? July 12, 2019

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What's the Difference Between Traditional & Ductless Air Conditioners?, Lawrence Park, Pennsylvania

Whether your old unit is failing or you're interested in changing styles, choosing a new cooling system requires a lot of consideration. In fact, your home's comfort level will be impacted for years to come by the style you choose. Two of the most common systems air conditioning contractors offer are central and ductless. While each system offers its benefits, here's a closer look at their differences. 

Comparing Ductless & Traditional AC Systems

Installation Process

Ductless cooling systems are simple to install. The indoor unit is installed on a wall while the exterior equipment is placed outside on a concrete slab. The technician will drill through the wall to connect the two units with a thin refrigerant line. In most cases, the installation requires one to two days. 

If there's already a duct system in place, the primary step for a central air system is placing and hooking up the outdoor cooling unit. But if there isn't a central heating system, the air conditioning contractor must remove sections of walls and ceilings throughout the home to install the ductwork. Along with the exterior unit placement, a blower system must be added indoors and connected to a whole-home thermostat. Overall, you can expect around one-week for the process to be completed. 

Temperature Control

air conditioning contractorCentral air conditioning is designed to cool the whole home at once. Ductless systems, on the other hand, cool a specific zone of a home. While this allows you to personalize the temperature based on who's in the room, it does require multiple indoor units to cool multiple areas. Fortunately, many mini-split ductless systems can power up to four indoor units with only one outdoor unit.

Energy Usage

The ability to only cool an area of the home that's being used makes ductless units incredibly efficient. In contrast, central units cool the entire home, which can lead to higher electricity bills. However, you have the chance to boost energy savings with a central system by asking your air conditioning contractor to install an energy efficient model with a high EER and SEER rating. Additionally, request any old ductwork in the home to be resealed to minimize air loss.


Find the right style system for your home with the help of Chuck Ollinger Plumbing and Heating. Since 1963, the air conditioning contractor has provided top-quality HVAC services to homeowners across Erie County, PA, and surrounding areas. Along with new system installation, the skilled team provides dependable maintenance and AC repairs. Visit the family-owned business online to learn more about their services, and request assistance today at (814) 899-2809.

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