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A Guide to Manual Transmissions & Stalling July 11, 2019

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A Guide to Manual Transmissions & Stalling, Anchorage, Alaska

Many modern drivers aren’t familiar with manual transmissions. Outside of certain high-performance vehicles, the majority of newer cars these days all use an automatic transmission, which is why some are flummoxed when they see that extra pedal at their feet. If you need to drive a manual transmission vehicle and want to avoid needing excessive clutch repairs, read the guide below.

How Are Automatic & Manual Transmissions Different?

Both types of transmissions have the same job: shifting the gears while driving. Being in the correct gear protects the engine and optimizes fuel efficiency. An automatic transmission shifts the gears for you without the need of a clutch pedal, making it simpler to operate.

Manual transmissions, however, require you to monitor the RPM gauge, press the clutch, and manually shift the gear up or down. While this requires more work, it gives you more control over the vehicle, gets better gas mileage, and typically come with a lower price tag than their automatic counterparts.

Why Do Manual Transmissions Stall?

Manual TransmissionOne issue to be mindful of when driving a manual is stalling. A stall is when the engine slows or stops altogether while driving, and it can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common for inexperienced drivers is improperly shifting gears. If you let the clutch out too quickly, the RPM of the engine drops too low and it shuts off.

The best way to avoid this happening is by slowly releasing the clutch when switching gears. Don’t release the clutch completely until you feel the car bite, as that indicates the engine has engaged properly.


If you’re having any issues with your manual transmission vehicle, contact the experts at Quality Transmission Service in Anchorage, AK. Their highly trained and certified mechanics provide a variety of auto maintenance services, and if you’re having any issues with your transmission or the clutch, they have the skills and tools needed to provide a quick and reliable fix. Schedule a free estimate by calling (907) 561-8767 or learn more online.
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