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3 Common Types of Demolition July 8, 2019

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3 Common Types of Demolition, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Most buildings aren’t designed to last forever. After several decades, they may lose their stability and become unsafe for living and nearby structures. When this occurs, demolition is necessary. However, different buildings require different methods of destruction. Here’s a closer look into the most common kinds.

Frequent Demolition Methods

1. Implosion

Implosion is considered the quickest way to demolish a building. In this method, explosives are strategically placed throughout a structure. Then, with a push of a button, the explosives are set off, causing the building to collapse in a contained, safe way. This method is often used to knock down bigger buildings in urban areas. Even though implosion is a fast process, it can be dangerous. Hire a trained crew with years of experience placing and triggering explosives.

2. Wrecking Ball

Just as the name suggests, this method uses a heavy wrecking ball attached to a crane to topple the walls and other structures of a building. The ball is either swung into or dropped onto the building, ultimately crushing it. This method is generally used for concrete and other masonry structures and requires a skilled operator to control the equipment.

demolition3. High-Reach Arm

This type of demolition uses a high-reach arm, also known as a long-reach excavator, to destroy reinforced concrete, steel, and masonry structures. Although this method can take longer, it’s more precise, quieter, and safer than other types of demolition. The excavators also allow you to operate in tight spots.


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