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3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pooch in Doggy Day Care July 3, 2019

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3 Reasons to Enroll Your Pooch in Doggy Day Care, Royse City, Texas

No one wants to be away from their dog for hours at a time, but the demands of working life often require pets to be left on their own for certain portions of the day. Doggy day care provides loving care and attention to your four-legged companion while giving you the freedom to focus on other priorities. Below are three benefits of doggy day care in more detail.

3 Top Benefits of Doggy Day Care

1. Alleviate Boredom

Just as people need stimulation to stay engaged and active, so do dogs. When you take your pooch to day care, they will have fun activities to occupy their day, from toys and treats to plenty of play time and socialization. They’ll also get an abundance of exercise and be happily tired out by the time you arrive to pick them up.

2. Relieve Guilt

doggy day careUnfortunately, few employers offer pet-friendly workplaces, which means dog owners must leave their best friends at home. Though the daily separation is unavoidable, it doesn't prevent many dog owners from feeling a certain amount of guilt. When you take your dog to day care, there's no need to feel bad about leaving a dog home alone without companionship or stimulation.

3. Expose Them to New Experiences

Dogs who have anxiety in new situations can benefit from the experiences they'll have at day care. They will get used to riding in the car on the way there and back, making travel and transportation much less stressful for both of you. At the facility, they will meet and interact with other dogs, increasing their social skills and comfort levels. They'll get accustomed to being around new people, too. In short, day care will make for a more well-rounded, well-adjusted doggy.


JD Kennels Camp David for Dogs offers doggy day care services to pups of all ages throughout the suburbs of Dallas, TX. Situated on ten acres of land, this pet resort provides your dog with ample space to play, train, and socialize with other pups. They also offer pet boarding and dog training, and they even have a pet chauffeur who will pick up and drop off your dog. Call (972) 636-9494 or visit them online to schedule a place for your dog at day care.

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