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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Farm's Tractor July 5, 2019

Harris, Stanly
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Farm's Tractor, Harris, North Carolina

A tractor is a versatile piece of heavy-duty equipment that’s invaluable to a farmer. Tractors can plant, plow, and till numerous acres of farmland and even tow other agricultural equipment. When it requires tractor repairs, the sudden downtime is more than an annoyance—it translates to lost opportunities and lost revenue as well. Keep yours up and running efficiently with the following tips.

How to Maintain Your Farm Tractor

1. Give It a Good Scrub

Tractors collect dust, dirt, and debris during a day in the field, so give them a good wash occasionally. By eliminating the crusted gunk, you get to see what’s underneath the dirt and in the nooks and crannies of your tractor. Leftover particles can sometimes clog up the components and filters, causing the equipment to work harder.

2. Do an Extensive Check

tractor repairsBefore heavy use, give your tractor a once-over from top to bottom. Examine its critical parts, starting with the tires. Look for signs of damage on the rubber, and inflate them according to the recommended pressure. Check the belts and hoses on the engine, and pay attention to cracking, wearing, or tearing on their surfaces—it’s better to replace them now before they cause more trouble in the future. Grease moving parts as well to stave off premature tractor repairs.

3. Top Off the Fluids

Like other machines, tractors run on a variety of fluids like hydraulic or engine oil, coolant, and fuel. Oil lubricates the parts and reduces friction during operation, while coolant prevents the engine from overheating. Gauge fluid levels by sight or with a dipstick, and top them off as needed—but be sure to check for leaks. Don’t forget to fill up the fuel tank completely to minimize condensation buildup, which can cause fuel line and engine troubles.   

4. Charge the Battery

Batteries become discharged when left idle for too long; test yours first before use. A weak battery strains the alternator and may lead to engine failure, a costly tractor repair. Inspect the battery for corrosion, brush off any buildup on the surface, and tighten any loose connections. Power it up with a full charge to make the most out of the battery.

5. Replace Filters

Air and fuel filters are good at trapping contaminants that can wreak havoc on the engine. Over time, they get clogged with debris, which can impact engine performance and fuel economy. Take them out once in a while to check their condition—once they’re too dirty to use, replace them instead of cleaning.


Adhere to a checklist of maintenance tips to keep your farm tractor in great shape. When you need new parts or tractor repair, turn to Stanly Tractor Company of New London, NC. Serving Stanly County for over five decades, they carry a range of farm equipment and tractor parts from leading brands like Kubota®. Call (704) 983-1106 to set an appointment or visit this trusted tractor dealer online to learn more.

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