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3 Tips for Planning a Catered Office Lunch July 3, 2019

Glasgow, New Castle
3 Tips for Planning a Catered Office Lunch, Glasgow, Delaware

Whether you’re hosting important clients or just want to arrange a special gathering for your employees, lunch catering services will be helpful. When planning, it’s worth taking the time to explore what’s available so you can make the most of the occasion. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect catered lunch for your office.

How to Plan a Memorable Catered Lunch

1. Select a Dependable Caterer

Choose a caterer that has a proven background setting up lunch in professional settings. Always seek out businesses that take pride in providing a top-notch lunch catering service from start to finish. They should deliver, set up, clean, and pack up any leftovers. Also, make sure they can handle the size of your event. If you’re hosting a lunch with hundreds of people, ask the caterer if they have experience serving large crowds.

2. Choose a Versatile Menu

lunch cateringSelect a diverse menu that offers suitable options for a variety of different diets. Some of your employees may only eat vegan food or have specific dietary restrictions that prohibit them from consuming certain ingredients, such as nuts. They should offer at least two non-meat dishes, as well as sides and dessert, to make the meal complete. 

3. Make It Special 

The atmosphere makes a big difference. Even if you work with a qualified lunch catering company, it’s still important to set up the room so that it’s motivating, positive, and welcoming. When arranging the room, make sure the catering company will have plenty of open room to set up the food. Also, find ways to make the event memorable. Do you have any special announcements, such as promotions or goal achievements? If some employees don’t know each other, come up with an icebreaker. 

Are you planning on hiring a lunch catering company? Turn to the professionals at Corporate Caterers-Delaware. The business takes its job seriously, and they’re committed to providing you with flawless service from start to finish. In addition to their versatile menu, which contains everything from seafood and pasta to vegan food, they also assist with setup and cleanup. Visit the website to browse their menu, or call (302) 294-1835 to speak to a staff member.