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What Does a Midwife Do for Expectant Mothers? May 22, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
What Does a Midwife Do for Expectant Mothers?, Suffern, New York

Whether you’re planning a pregnancy or you recently found out you’re pregnant, it’s common for women to seek the counsel and assistance of a certified nurse midwife. This individual offers a combination of care as both a registered nurse and a professional who completed midwifery education. Here is some additional insight into how midwives provide support through various stages of your pregnancy, often alongside your OB-GYN and medical team.  

Understanding the Role of a Midwife

During Pregnancy

MidwifeMidwives are a valuable asset for healthy pregnant women who wish to have a natural birth. During each trimester, a midwife will monitor both your mental and physical health, order tests as needed to monitor the baby’s wellness, provide prenatal exams, and offer guidance in terms of diet, exercise, and vitamin supplements to stay fit, comfortable, and energized. They can also provide referrals to doctors and psychological support. Leading up to your due date, your midwife will also help you establish your birth plan and can counsel you on newborn care. 


During labor, your midwife will provide emotional support and coach you through the delivery process. While some midwives help mothers deliver via home birth independently, others partner with doctors or doulas as needed based on each mother’s situation and requests. Your midwife will help you stick to your birth plan or make practical adjustments based on the health of both mother and child. 


Once you deliver your baby, your midwife will continue to be a valuable asset as they can provide guidance in terms of newborn care and making appointments with pediatricians. These individuals often support new mothers in the early days as they recover from childbirth and as they adjust to breastfeeding, swaddling, changing diapers, and establishing a sleeping pattern. 



If you’re an expectant mother in New York’s Rockland County or New Jersey’s Bergen County and you’re looking for an experienced midwife who specializes in natural birth and home delivery, the team at Home Birth with Love can supply a perfect match. Owner and certified nurse midwife Leah Marinelli has over 17 years of experience in the home birth industry. Her team assists women through every stage of their pregnancy, from the first trimester to after birth care. To browse their services, visit their website

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