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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Mirrors August 26, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Mirrors, Spring Valley, New York

Custom mirrors bring a touch of sophistication to any home, store, or office, opening up smaller spaces and brightening up the room. With regular cleaning and routine maintenance, your mirrors can keep your space looking its best for years to come. Below are a few crucial maintenance tips for preventing damage and preserving the shine of your mirrors.

3 Important Mirror Maintenance Tips

1. Choose the Right Cleaners

Unless they’re seriously soiled, most mirrors will only need an occasional rinse with warm, clean water and a soft cloth. If you do need a cleaning agent, avoid alkaline or acidic products, which will degrade the surface and the reflective backing of the mirror. Abrasive materials will also scratch the surface, causing blemishes and scratches that may be permanent. Mirror cleaner should also never be sprayed directly onto the finish; instead, apply the solution onto a soft cloth and carefully wipe the glass.

2. Protect the Edges

custom mirrorCleaning solution and water pooling around the edges of the glass can eventually attack the backing and compromise the entire mirror. If your mirror is framed, always carefully wipe away any fluid trapped at the edges, and be sure joints are completely dry after cleaning.

3. Keep the Area Ventilated

Excessive exposure to moisture can damage joints and degrade the backing. Keeping the area well-ventilated allows moisture to escape, which is key in humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens. To protect your valuable custom mirrors, you should ensure they’re kept dry at all times.


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