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3 Ways Flooding Can Affect Your HVAC System July 2, 2019

Stonington, New London
3 Ways Flooding Can Affect Your HVAC System, Stonington, Connecticut

Spring rains can significantly increase flooding in your area, and the aftereffects impact every aspect of your home—including your HVAC system. Many problems go undetected until it’s too late, which is why it’s important to know what issues to look for. Recognizing these and scheduling repairs will minimize the damage and get your system up and running efficiently again.

How Flooding Impacts Your HVAC System

1. Mold Growth

One of the most immediate and overlooked issues is mold growth. It will grow in dark, damp, and warm places, including your HVAC ductwork. When water recedes, mold can grow unrestricted and begin creating problems. Mold spores can create cold-like symptoms and can even have fatal results in infants, seniors, people with severe allergies, and those with respiratory complications. It’s best to schedule a mold inspection right away and to have air conditioner repair professionals clean your ductwork.

2. Electrical Shorts

hvacIf your air conditioning unit is submerged, water can lead to electrical shorts. This can result in a whole-unit breakdown or just damage to individual parts. It may also cause corrosion that can lead to future breakdowns. If you smell burning rubber, hear strange noises from your unit, or experience inefficient cooling, turn it off and call a repair professional. They’ll check that all the pieces are intact, that refrigerant and electrical lines and in place, and that no symptoms of gradual damage go unnoticed.

3. Furnace Corrosion

Come winter, the last thing you want is to find that your furnace was damaged during the flood and unrepaired. The most common issue is corrosion, both for electric and gas-forced furnaces. Weak parts create safety hazards, especially if the corrosion has occurred on the fuel intake coils. Regardless of how far away winter is, have HVAC professionals inspect your furnace for signs of corrosion or water damage.



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