Canarsie, New York

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Organo Gold Organic Coffee's Newest Product: G3 Beauty Soap August 27, 2015

Canarsie, Brooklyn
4 Reasons Why You Should Try Organo Gold Organic Coffee's Newest Product: G3 Beauty Soap, Brooklyn, New York

The premier provider of organic gourmet coffee is now using their expertise in natural ingredients and commitment to high-quality merchandise to bring you the best beauty products. Organo Gold Organic Coffee Distributor – NaTisha Gardner is ready to bring the benefits of G3 Beauty Soap to Brooklyn and beyond.

This rich, luxurious, and natural soap boasts a number of benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you need to try G3:

It’s full of natural ingredients: Unlike supermarket soaps, G3 Beauty Soap is made up of rich, natural ingredients like grape seed oil. You can rest assured that you’re using only the highest quality product on your skin.

It’s irritant-free: G3 Beauty Soap’s gentle formula means you’ll never suffer from irritation, rashes, or hives that other soaps can cause. You’ll enjoy smooth, healthy skin every time you use this sumptuous soap.

It fights existing skin conditions: G3 Beauty Soap is a dream come true to sufferers of eczema. Its unique blend of natural ingredients combats skin irritation to heal and soothe. You’ll never go back to your old soap again after seeing the benefits.

It leaves you feeling clean: Its pleasing scent and rich formula makes G3 Beauty Soap the most refreshing option on the market. You’ll feel fresh and clean all day long.

Organo Gold Organic Coffee Distributor – NaTisha Gardner is happy to answer any questions you have about the quality products she offers, from G3 Beauty Soap to organic coffee and tea. Visit Organo Gold on Facebook to learn more or call NaTisha at (604) 638-6840.

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