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Do's and Don'ts for Moving Heavy Items July 10, 2019

Wilmington, New Hanover
Do's and Don'ts for Moving Heavy Items, Wilmington, North Carolina

Moving can be a stressful activity, and dealing with a lot of heavy items can add a layer of difficulty to the endeavor. Whether you’re relocating to a new home or office or moving your items into a storage unit, follow the do’s and don’ts below to stay safe and injury-free when dealing with heavy furniture and boxes.


Use proper lifting technique.

It’s tempting to hurry when you have a lot of boxes to move. Good lifting technique is often forgotten in situations like this, often resulting in back strain or injury. Remember to lift using the knees. Keep your knees bent when you pick up heavy boxes. Lift straight up, rather than bending over at the waist. Carry objects close to the body, and set them down the same way you picked them up.

Use a dolly.

storage-unitA dolly allows you to keep items upright. This is especially important for appliances such as refrigerators.  A furniture dolly has two wheels and is appropriate for heavy boxes or a stack of boxes; an appliance dolly has four wheels and is better for awkward items as well as appliances. If possible, have someone help you when wheeling heavy objects into a moving truck or storage unit.

Slide furniture.

Large, heavy pieces of furniture are easier to move when placed on an old towel, rug, or blanket and can be slid across the floor. Cardboard or newspaper will also work in a pinch. This helps protect floors as well. 


Go it alone.

Moving small items in and out of a storage unit alone is a manageable task, but a large move with heavy items requires help. Ask friends or family for assistance or call a professional moving team. Even if you have only a few heavy pieces, don’t risk injuring yourself and damaging the object by trying to move it alone.

Try to pull heavy things.

It’s usually easier to push a heavy item than pull it. If you use furniture sliders or a dolly, push the items as far as you can, making sure the path of travel is clear before you start. The leverage of your full body strength is more effective when pushing.

Forget to empty furniture.

Do all you can to make any piece of furniture lighter by removing drawers or other contents. If possible, disassemble awkward items such as bookcases and entertainment centers. Remember to keep screws and hardware attached to the item within a sealed bag. The same goes for appliances; make sure all contents are out and that shelves and drawers are removed. 


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