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Chalkboard Paint? Learn About This New Home Trend July 3, 2019

Purcell, McClain
Chalkboard Paint? Learn About This New Home Trend, Purcell, Oklahoma

If you’re a parent, you probably don’t want your kids scribbling on the walls. But what if they could do so without causing harm? What if they could decorate the walls of their room with their own creations, erasing and redrawing them as inspiration takes them? It is for these reasons that chalkboard paint is becoming increasingly popular. Never heard of this interior painting option before? The guide below takes a closer look at its unique properties.

What to Know About Chalkboard Paint

Composition & Uses

Usually made of a mixture of silica, carbon black, acrylic, talc, glycol, and water, this dark paint turns any surface it is applied to into a means of self-expression. Just like at school, anything written on this “chalkboard” can be wiped away to start again.

Interior PaintingNot only can this make for a fun accent wall for a playroom or teen’s bedroom, but adults may find uses for it as well. Apply chalkboard paint to part of the kitchen for writing down your grocery list. Meanwhile, its presence in a home office can be handy for keeping track of your tasks for the day. Some people also paint small patches of it onto cabinets or clay pots in order to easily label their contents.


As fun and convenient as this interior painting idea might be, some homeowners show hesitancy to adapt it for fear that it is non-reversible. However, a professional can do so easily with only minimal extra effort—not unlike what they would go through when converting any other dark paint to a lighter color.


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