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Why It's Worth Getting an HVAC Tuneup July 12, 2019

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Why It's Worth Getting an HVAC Tuneup, Conneaut, Ohio

Like any other machine, your heating and cooling unit contains several moving components and needs maintenance to continue functioning. Routine HVAC services like tuneups and inspections will prolong the system’s life span and prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Here’s a closer look at why they’re worth the cost.

Why Opt for a Tuneup

Prolong Life Span

A tuneup is a preventative task that ensures broken or nearly failing parts are replaced before they put unnecessary strain on the equipment. The extra wear from faulty components can shorten the use of your HVAC system, meriting its replacement sooner than expected.

Prevent Emergency Breakdowns

HVAC services allow for the early detection of issues with the unit. By addressing these at the onset, it prevents sudden breakdowns at inopportune times, such as during a sweltering summer day or a frigid winter night.

Limit Costly Repairs

A well-maintained HVAC system saves you money. Inspection and maintenance generally cost less than having to perform extensive repairs or replacing the unit altogether.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Preventative maintenance ensures that the system is operating in its most effective state. This means less energy consumption, lower utility bills, and more savings.

Ensure Warranty

Your equipment is only as manageable as how you maintain it. That’s why some manufacturers require service records — as proof you did your part — before honoring product warranties.

What Happens During HVAC Service

HVAC servicesMost HVAC contractors already have a checklist of what to do to your equipment. Depending on the maintenance plan you pay for, service varies. Aside from cleaning the unit and its drains, a technician changes filters, tightens loose electrical connections, and lubricates moving components. They also check the motor and belts, inspect controls and thermostat settings, and monitor refrigerant levels while looking for leaks.

How Often to Schedule Maintenance

At the very least, have your heating and cooling equipment serviced once a year. Spring is the ideal time to get the job done since it’s the transition period before heavy use in summer. Consider scheduling another tuneup in the fall, before the heating season starts.


When you need HVAC services, trust the professionals at Burdick Plumbing & Heating in Conneaut, OH. This full-service HVAC contractor has provided installations, repairs, and maintenance on various heating and cooling systems for over 45 years. Visit them online, or call (440) 599-8248 to schedule furnace or air conditioning service.

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