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3 Ways Social Media Affects Criminal Defense Cases July 2, 2019

Jacksonville, Pulaski
3 Ways Social Media Affects Criminal Defense Cases, Jacksonville, Arkansas

When you are charged with a crime, speaking with an attorney who specializes in criminal defense is the best thing you can do. It gives you the chance to go over your case in detail, review your rights, and know what you should and shouldn’t do. Your attorney will also review your social media channels in depth, as what you post online can have a serious impact on your case.

3 Ways Social Media Influences Criminal Defense Cases

1. It Can Place You at the Scene of the Crime

Photos, videos, and check-ins you post or are tagged in can place you at the scene of the alleged incident or near it. Posting to social media also makes it clear what you were doing before and after the crime took place. New evidence can be found in photos and videos as well, such as a ripped shirt or other physical characteristic that matches witnesses’ testimonies. Attorneys recommend telling friends and family to stop tagging you in posts until your criminal defense case is resolved for these reasons.

2. It Can Paint a Negative Character Picture

criminal defenseAny threats and other malicious language used against individuals or groups of people in your social media posts contribute greatly to character analyses. For example, if you had an ongoing issue with an acquaintance on social media and are accused of defaming or injuring the individual in any way, your words will be used to create a negative image and make you seem less sympathetic to a judge or jury.

3. It Can Identify Other Suspects & Witnesses

Videos and photos also help law enforcement identify any other suspects involved in alleged crimes as well as witnesses. If you snapped a selfie at a bar with numerous other people before getting in a drunk driving accident, for example, those individuals may be summoned to court to describe your intoxicated state in detail, including how many drinks you had and whether anyone tried to stop you from driving.

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