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Why You Should Keep the AC on for Your Pets July 1, 2019

Forked River,
Why You Should Keep the AC on for Your Pets, Forked River, New Jersey

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, you might think of running your air conditioner all day long to keep pets comfortable. But is that kind of measure necessary and, if so, how can you make the constant AC use as efficient as possible? Here’s what you need to know to keep bills low and avoid air conditioning maintenance.

Why Pets Need Air Conditioning

Before we welcomed them into our homes, cats and dogs lived for ages without modern comfort of air conditioning systems. However, centuries of domestication has diminished their natural ability to avoid overheating. While both dogs and cats are susceptible to the effects of extreme heat, dogs are typically more of a concern. Cats are better at self-regulating their behavior to stay as cool as possible while dogs tend to be more excitable and therefore more in danger of the risks associated with extreme heat. 

HVAC contractorWhen dogs and cats pant, they’re exchanging hot air from their lungs with cooler air. Panting is effective, but it loses its potency as the temperature rises and especially when the air starts to get stuffy and humid. Keeping your air conditioner on keeps your home cool and relatively dry, allowing your pet to stay healthy and comfortable all day long. Different breeds of cats and dogs are most comfortable at different temperatures, so check with your veterinarian.

How to Make Your Cooling As Efficient As Possible

Leaving your air conditioning on all day will increase your home’s energy consumption and utility expenses, but there are ways to increase efficiency. Scheduling regular inspections from an air conditioning maintenance professional will ensure your system operates without any mechanical issues. If there are any problems, the technician will address them before they result in breakdowns. 

Using the inspection from the air conditioning maintenance technicians as a starting point, there are other simple tips to follow. Although your pet might enjoy sunbathing, direct sunlight quickly heats up your home and causes the air conditioner to work harder. Keep the blinds closed during the day to keep your home cooler and give the AC unit a break. Running your ceiling fans also helps cool things down. By running the fans counterclockwise, cool air will be blown downward and even let you set the thermostat a few degrees warmer.


If you want to make sure your AC runs efficiently and keeps your pets cool, ADE Heating and Cooling, Inc. is ready to help. Serving central and southern New Jersey for more than three decades, the reliable air conditioning maintenance company offers a multitude of services such as UV air treatment, air filtration work, HVAC installation, and invaluable 24/7 emergency availability. Visit the website for more information on their services or call (609) 693-6050 to speak with a friendly representative today. 

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