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How to Arrange a Celebration of Life Event July 2, 2019

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How to Arrange a Celebration of Life Event, North Gates, New York

After a deceased loved one is buried or cremated, you might choose to hold a celebration of life event a few days, weeks, or months after the service. This event gives mourners a chance to reflect on the life of their friend or loved one and participate in activities that show how their memory still lives on. Consider the following tips when planning a memorable celebration of life gathering. 

Tips for Organizing a Celebration of Life

Consider the Loved One’s Personality & Interests

celebration-of-lifeWhile funeral and memorial services are intended to allow friends and family to grieve, the goal of a celebration of life event is to help mourners express their joy over the rich life their friend and loved one lived. The gathering should reflect the interests and personality of the deceased; this is a key aspect to keep in mind during the planning stages. For example, if they had a passion for fine foods, hold the event at their favorite restaurant, hire a specialty caterer, or ask people to gather for a picnic in their favorite outdoor setting.  

Think of a Memorable Activity

While only a few people typically address gatherers during a memorial or burial service, everyone gets a chance to speak during a celebration of life event. To complement this, think of a creative way to symbolize moving past grief to remembrance. You can consider the person’s beliefs or culture when deciding. If they were religious, for example, consider arranging a balloon release. Gatherers can write messages for the deceased on pieces of paper, put them inside the balloons, and watch them float up to the heavens.  

Create a Playlist

A selection of the deceased’s favorite music can serve as background noise throughout the event, accompanying people’s initial arrivals, their subsequent speeches, and the activities you hold. You can even think of the playlist as a soundtrack to their life. You can include the song they danced to at their wedding, tunes they often sang during karaoke outings, and any other music with sentimental attachment.   



For additional advice to create a memorable celebration of life gathering for a departed loved one, contact the professionals at DiPonzio Funeral Home in Rochester, NY. The funeral home’s roots date back over eight decades, which means the staff is prepared to help make the planning stages less stressful. To schedule a consultation, call (585) 429-6700. Visit the funeral home online to see how the staff helps families celebrate the lives of those they’ve lost. Become a Facebook follower for funeral planning advice. 

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