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Traditional vs. Ductless AC Units July 12, 2019

Union, Knox
Traditional vs. Ductless AC Units, Union, Ohio

Once you decide that your home needs an air conditioning system or an upgrade, start narrowing down the options. The first major decision will be choosing between a traditional central system and a ductless split system. Use the guide below to understand the differences and the benefits that each type of AC unit offers.

Central Air Conditioning

How It Works

A central air conditioning system has an outdoor unit which draws in the air, cools it, and then distributes it through the home’s ductwork. Typically, ducts are laid above the ceiling or below the floors, with vents that release air into the rooms. Intake vents are also laid throughout the home to draw air back out.  The temperature is set on one thermostat for the entire home.

The Benefits

If the ductwork is already laid, a central air conditioning system can cost less than a ductless one. Once it is installed, it is nearly invisible — only the vents are visible from living areas. The furnace and the condenser unit are placed out of the way, usually in the basement and the backyard, respectively. Because it recirculates the air and filters it, the system can improve indoor air quality.

Ductless Split AC Units

ac unitsHow It Works

A ductless system is installed directly in the room you want it to cool. The air is drawn in through the outdoor unit and sent indoors via refrigerant piping, where it is cooled in the wall unit. It blows the cold air into the room and can be operated with a remote or an app.

The Benefits

A ductless system is significantly more affordable if the home doesn’t have existing ductwork. Installation for an entire home can be completed in a matter of hours, and the refrigerant piping is much less invasive than adding ducts. Because it’s ductless, no cooling will be lost in transport, making the system much more energy-efficient. Four wall units can be installed per outdoor condenser, and each one can deliver a customized temperature for zoned cooling. For example, you can keep the sunroom warmer while lowering temperatures in a bedroom.


Most people find that ductless AC units are more cost-effective and provide better benefits in the long term. The team at Advantage Air Heating & Cooling will install a state-of-the-art system for your home in Danville, OH, or throughout Knox County. Their upgrades will ensure maximum comfort, efficiency, and convenience. Explore their products online or call (740) 504-9430 to request a free estimate.