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Why Should You Use Cold Finished Steel? July 1, 2019

Okolona, Central Jefferson
Why Should You Use Cold Finished Steel?, Central Jefferson, Kentucky

If you need strong and dependable materials for your next building project, stock up on cold finished steel. This durable, processed metal has a wide variety of applications in the construction industry, not to mention several benefits. Below is a quick guide to this steel and why it’s worth using.

What It Is

Cold finished steel is similar to hot rolled steel, only the former undergoes additional processing. It begins with recycled iron ore passed through an electric arc furnace. Next, bars are drawn through a die to produce a smaller size. The resulting steel has a variety of practical advantages, detailed below.

cold finished steelApplications

Cold finished steel is most often used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects, especially when it comes to framing components such as joists and trusses. Many automobile parts, such as roofs and side panels, are also made from this sturdy material. Several household and office items — including filing cabinets, computer desks, pieces of hardware, and small appliances — are made from cold finished steel.


Cold finished steel is more physically enhanced than hot rolled products. It is smaller in size, which makes it more versatile for a wider variety of applications. It is straighter, more dimensionally tolerant, and has a greater machinability. It does not require heat treatments since it already has plenty of tensile strength. This durable material also has a much longer life span than its hot counterpart.


When you need cold finished steel for your next building project, get in touch with American Metal Supply in Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY. Since 1986, this metal and plastic distribution center has offered stainless steel, aluminum sheets, tubes, pipes, and gratings to clients throughout the two states. The also carry rounds, square bars, hexagons, and flats. Call (502) 634-4321 to place an order for structural steel or plastic products, and visit them online to learn more about their metal processing services.

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