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3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After a Construction Accident July 5, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After a Construction Accident, Boston, Massachusetts

Construction can be a dangerous job. If you’re hurt in the field, your employer should have workers’ compensation insurance to cover your medical costs and lost wages due to time off work. Getting the money you rightfully deserve isn’t always easy, however. Find out why you should always consult an attorney after sustaining a construction injury. 

3 Reasons to Get Legal Help for Construction Injuries

1. To File a Workers’ Compensation Claim Correctly

Your lawyer can file the workers' compensation paperwork on your behalf, ensuring that technical errors don't delay your claim. They will also advise whether an additional civil suit is recommended. Finally, they should be able to determine just what your claim is worth, including diverse types of damages such as for healthcare costs, wages lost due to time off work, and future disability.

2. To Fight Back in Case of a Denied Claim

workers' compensationAny workers’ compensation claim is subject to denial. Insurance companies aren’t eager to make pay-outs that eat into their profits. They might argue that your injuries weren’t actually incurred on the job, for instance, or claim that you’re trying to get compensation for a pre-existing condition you had before the accident. An attorney will know what evidence to amass to fight back and get you the money you deserve. 

3. To Secure Compensation If Your Company Lacks Insurance

Most states have laws in place requiring construction companies to have workers’ compensation for their employees. That doesn’t mean everyone follows these rules, however. If your employer seems to be beating around the bush regarding a workers’ compensation claim, they may not even have the insurance. Get a lawyer on your side quickly to find out what is going on and to take action against the company if they aren’t actually covered. 



If you’re injured in a construction accident, don’t delay seeking representation. Bellotti Law Group, P.C. in the Greater Boston area provides the trustworthy and aggressive service you want. They work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they don’t charge you up front but simply payment from any compensation you receive. Learn about their work in construction accidents and workers’ compensation online. For an appointment, call (617) 778-1000.

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