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Pay Off Gambling Debt With This Unique Personal Loan August 21, 2015

Greenville, Providence County
Pay Off Gambling Debt With This Unique Personal Loan, Greenville, Rhode Island

Gambling can quickly spiral down into a whirlwind of mounting debts, unpaid loans and depleted savings. Those who get caught up tend to not see a way to get back on solid financial ground. Evergreen Lending Services Ltd, in Greenville, Rhode Island, has a solution for those who are desperate to recover their losses through a realistic debt management program.

The way the Gambler’s Grant works is applicants apply for a personal loan that has an 8.5% fixed interest rate. Available amounts range from $20,000 to $100,000. The grant is offered on a secured, “high risk” basis, which means a minimum security deposit is required as a measurement of collateral and assurance. Applicants should have a monthly income of no less than $3,000.

Clients who are approved for the debt management grant may use the funds to pay back a number of creditors such as bookies, family members, friends, employers or co-workers who loaned them money for their gambling activities.

Evergreen Lending Services Ltd’s ultimate goal is for grant recipients to gradually pay off their debts over an extended period of time. Then, a sense of accomplishment and restored dignity comes to those who may have taken out cash advances and quick cash loans at high interest rates, wiped out their savings accounts or seized money from a child’s college fund to gamble.

If you’ve reached the point where gambling has gripped your finances, Evergreen Lending Services Ltd will offer relief with its Gambler’s Grant. Talk to the specialists about creating a plan to get you back on track.

For more information on the grant program, call Evergreen Lending Services Ltd at (401) 526-8030. Check out the website to learn about other loans offered such as auto loans, business loans, mortgage loans as well as debt consolidation services.

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