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How Marriage Affects Auto Insurance July 10, 2019

Jamestown, Chautauqua
How Marriage Affects Auto Insurance, Jamestown, New York

From income tax reductions to better Social Security, getting married comes with many financial benefits. Auto insurance is also an area where wedded couples can save money. Married people are viewed as lower-risk by insurers, but there are also some instances where marriage won’t bring down your premiums. To help you and your spouse select the best coverage, here is a guide to how your union will affect your car insurance rates.

Getting Auto Insurance After Marriage

When to Combine Policies

When both individuals in a marriage have clean driving records and no lapse in auto insurance coverage, they will often save money by combining their policies. Not only will this typically result in a lower overall rate, but it may also qualify you for additional multi-car discounts. This is because insurance agencies tend to view families as lower risk, resulting in significant savings for you.

When to Keep Them Separate

auto insuranceThere are some specific situations when it makes more sense for each party to hold their own insurance. If one person has driving violations like DUIs on their record or lengthy lapses in auto insurance coverage, they are considered high-risk to insure and will receive higher rates. In this case, combining policies will raise the premiums for the second person, too. 

A separate policy is also a good idea if one of you have an expensive vehicle. Luxury or sports cars cost more to insure since repairs are usually costly, which can lead to a higher rate on a joint policy.


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