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5 Tips for Ordering the Perfect Amount of Party Catering July 12, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Tips for Ordering the Perfect Amount of Party Catering, Honolulu, Hawaii

Determining the right amount of catering to order for your event can be challenging. You don’t want to run out and leave your guests hungry, but also don't want leftover food to go to waste. Follow these tips to get your order just right and ensure everyone at the party has enough to eat and drink. 

How to Order Enough Catering 

1. Consider Serving Sizes

For main courses, six to eight ounces of meat, poultry or fish are the standard, with side dishes ranging from two ounces for rice or risotto to four ounces for vegetables and five for potatoes. A good rule of thumb is to start by ordering one pound of the entree dish and four ounces of each side for every person. 

2. Know Who You’re Feeding

Are you feeding a hungry football team or hosting a ladies’ garden club meeting? Are your guests expecting a full meal or just some light refreshments? When making menu decisions, consider the makeup of your guest list, whether it’s men, women, children, or a mix of all three who will attend. If you know that most people will have bigger appetites, for instance, you’ll need more food. 

3. Consider When & How Long the Event Runs

Shorter events usually require less food, especially if they aren’t taking place around meal times. Keep in mind, though, people tend to eat more at events with a lot of activity, such as a lunch and learn session, so plan accordingly. 

4. Get Expert Help 

cateringBanquet facility teams have years of experience planning events and can provide expert insight into how much food you’ll need for your event. A full-service catering plan with a preset menu will already account for how much food to serve each guest. Everything is priced according to your headcount, making the expenses easy to calculate as well. 

5. Think About Menu Selections

The type of food you plan to serve and how much factors into the amount you’ll need. Offering more options usually means that people will eat less of each dish, which will affect your calculations. The type of food also matters. To ensure everyone leaves full, you’ll need to order a greater amount of lighter fare like salads and small bites. If your selections are heavier or more filling, like potatoes or fried rice, then you can order less.


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