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What Are a Pedestrian's Rights? July 11, 2019

Palmer, Matanuska-Susitna
What Are a Pedestrian's Rights?, Palmer, Alaska

Getting behind the wheel doesn’t just mean respecting other motorists on the road. It also requires that a driver know the rights of people traveling on foot. Being familiar with pedestrian's rights helps a driver stay safe safety and avoid legal trouble that would require the services of an attorney.

3 Pedestrian Rights Drivers Should Respect

1. Crosswalk

When there aren’t traffic lights or signals, drivers are expected to yield the right of way on a crosswalk sign. This means that the driver must slow down or fully stop the car to let the pedestrian cross the street, whether the person is on the same side of the road as the driver's vehicle or approaching from the other side.

2. Disabilities attorney

People with disabilities must be given proper attention and assistance when crossing the road. Drivers are required to bring their vehicles to a full stop when there is a totally or partially blind person trying to cross the street, accompanied by a guide dog or carrying a walking stick in a raised or extended position.  

3. Children & Incapacitated Individuals 

Drivers are expected to give due consideration to children as well as obviously confused, intoxicated, or incapacitated persons who might be trying to cross the road. It is best to exercise due care, and proper precautions on the road by slowing down or making a full stop to avoid accidents that could result in injuries, damage to property, loss of life, and the need to call an attorney.


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