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How to Choose Bathroom Countertops June 24, 2019

How to Choose Bathroom Countertops, ,

Selecting the best countertops for your bathroom remodeling project isn’t always so straightforward. You may be overwhelmed by all the options and eye-catching colors available. If you’re having difficulty making a choice, here’s what you need to know to pick the right countertops for you. 

A Guide to Selecting Countertops for Your Bathroom

Which Materials Are Considered the Strongest?

The more resilient the material, the less you’ll have to worry about maintaining it in the long term. That’s key in a bathroom, where moisture is prevalent. Granite is an excellent choice for that reason alone. It stands up well to moisture, is available in numerous colors, and is easy to keep clean. It should be sealed at least once a year to retain its shine and prevent it from staining over time. Another durable choice is marble, which is sleek and can be enhanced with natural veins that lend it an earthy elegance.

How Do You Ensure They’re Long-Lasting?

New York City, NY countertopsAll types of surfaces have the potential to last for decades, provided you maintain them properly. Marble shouldn’t be cleaned with harsh cleansers, as they can cause damage. Using a pH-balanced formula is the safest choice. Marble is prone to staining, however, so it’s important to seal it regularly to create an impenetrable barrier. If the water stops beading on the surface after a year or so, that’s a strong indication that it’s time to reseal it.

Is Tile a Good Option?

Homeowners may wish to install tile countertops instead of a flat surface, particularly if they play into the layout of the flooring or the shower walls. Ceramic tile counters work well in bathrooms. They’re highly economical, available in a wide range of solid colors and patterns, and easy to mix and match, creating a highly unique, customized design that lends character to your bathroom. You can choose anything from standard squares to miniature mosaics to create an elegant design. Be mindful, however, of grout; dirt and bacteria can build up over time. Brushing the grout thoroughly at least once or twice a month will keep the surfaces in good condition. 


When you need help choosing bathroom countertops, contact Valley Design Center in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood. Offering extensive kitchen and bathroom remodeling services and products, they will work closely with you every step of the way. They carry an extensive range of countertop materials, including granite, tile, and marble. Visit the website to find out more about their Kraftmaid® and TOTO® products, or call them at (212) 832-4200 to speak to a staff member.

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