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A Guide to Light- & Heavy-Duty Casters July 12, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
A Guide to Light- & Heavy-Duty Casters, Manhattan, New York

Industrial casters are essential equipment in almost every industry, from hospitals to concert halls and manufacturing facilities. To meet diverse demands, manufacturers offer an extensive range of light- and heavy-duty casters, designed to move equipment and products in a wide range of applications. Below is everything facility managers and administrators should know about light-duty and heavy-duty caster options.

Light- & Heavy-Duty Casters

What Are Light-Duty Casters?

castersLight-duty casters are engineered for carrying lighter loads over smooth surfaces in relatively clean environments. Many are capable of bearing up to 300 pounds easily, but some are limited to 150 pounds or less. Light-duty casters are frequently designed for intermittent use, which makes them ideal for equipment that must be moved frequently, but spends most of its time in a stationary position.

These casters are often made of lighter materials, and may not have as many bearings or advanced features as their heavier-duty counterparts. This makes them ideal for food carts, hospital IV stands, and portable office equipment.

When Do You Need Heavy-Duty Casters?

Heavy-duty casters are larger and stronger, with bigger wheels and swivels made of stainless steel or high-grade aluminum. These components are capable of supporting up to 5,000 pounds and are designed to withstand tough conditions, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances.

Hospital beds, warehouse dollies, and rolling sofas usually require heavy-duty casters that can bear heavier weights and deal with constant use. Industrial kitchens, material handling plants, and even music venues also use equipment with heavy-duty casters.


Since 1959, Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling Inc. in Farmingdale, NY, is a leader in industrial handling products, offering an extensive selection of casters, wheels, and hand trucks. No matter the industry you’re in, their team of experts will help find parts that will deliver the best value and keep your operation running smoothly. Visit their website to browse their impressive selection of casters and wheels or call (631) 650-0500 to request a quote.

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