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How to Make Your Framed Art Exhibition-Ready June 28, 2019

Waikiki, Honolulu
How to Make Your Framed Art Exhibition-Ready, Honolulu, Hawaii

Having your art accepted for an exhibition is an exciting milestone. While the attention of gallery visitors will be on your artwork, you can do your part to keep it there with proper custom framing techniques. A complementary frame will not only protect your art, but also elevate it to look more professional.

3 Custom Framing Tips to Get Your Artwork Ready for an Exhibition

1. Consider the Medium

Oil paintings typically need to breathe, so you wouldn’t encase them in glass, while paper pieces like photographs or prints are more sensitive and require protection. In the same vein, paper works benefit from matting. Canvas or fabric-based paintings, on the other hand, are often gallery-wrapped, which stretches the piece to all sides and enhances the view from every angle. If the edges of a gallery-wrapped canvas don’t feature much visual interest, opt for custom framing.

2. Complete the Art

custom framingA frame is meant to support the art, not overpower it. In most cases, a simple frame in a neutral color—for example, black, white, or natural wood—and finish will suit the work well. Avoid ornate decorations or vivid colors that would distract from the piece.

3. Mat Proportionately

Think of the mat as an extension of the frame. It serves the same purpose of focusing the art, so you should also choose neutral colors: usually black, white, or gray. When sizing the mat, wider is always better than narrower to visually enlarge the piece. As a rule of thumb, a traditional mat is between three to four inches. The mat should also be wider than the frame to draw attention to the art at its center.


Find the right frame for your artwork at Art Attacks in Honolulu, HI. The locally owned and operated shop has offered custom framing in natural wood, metal, and composite options for over 20 years. They also showcase the work of local artists for sale. Learn more about their services online, and call (808) 739-0909 to inquire about same-day service and delivery options.

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