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3 Ways Mailbox Locks Are Beneficial July 29, 2019

Preston, New London
3 Ways Mailbox Locks Are Beneficial, Preston, Connecticut

If you own or rent a home, it’s imperative to keep your place locked when you’re away so your belongings are protected. However, there is one part of your home that is likely left unlocked and vulnerable on a regular basis—your mailbox. Luckily, it’s easy for a locksmith to install a simple lock for protection. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s wise to take this step.

Why a Locksmith Should Install a Mailbox Lock

1. Protects Unsupervised Mail

For many homeowners, mail is delivered while you’re away at work, so it may sit in your mailbox for hours before you pick it up. If you go on vacation or leave for an extended period, it can sit for even longer. Especially for those who live in high traffic areas, that leaves plenty of opportunities for people to take your mail without being detected.

2. Prevents Identity Theft

locksmithA lot of the mail you receive may contain sensitive information. If you receive bank or credit card statements, these documents include your name, address, and account number. A lock prevents thieves from getting their hands on any information they could use to steal your identity or other assets.

3. Protects Checks & Money

In some cases, you might even receive cash or checks in the mail. If thieves get a hold of these items, they can steal your money directly out of your pocket. This point is an especially important one for businesses that might receive payments from customers regularly. Hiring a locksmith to install a lock can deter thieves from targeting your mailbox. 



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