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4 FAQ About Metal Carports July 17, 2019

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4 FAQ About Metal Carports, Dothan, Alabama

A great way to protect vehicles from the elements is with customized metal carports. Sturdy, reliable, and less expensive to build than a traditional garage, metal carports are suitable for commercial and residential properties. If you are looking for a secure structure to store a cherished automobile or need additional space for everyday vehicles, consider a custom-built metal carport to meet your needs.

Common Metal Carports Questions

How many vehicles can I store?

Custom carports can be built in various layouts to meet your specifications. Some buildings with open designs can consist of a roof and a few sturdy legs to protect one or multiple vehicles from hail and falling limbs. Carports with walls function like standard garages and can be designed with a single door wide enough for multiple cars to enter or multiple doors to house several vehicles with separate entrances.

What kind of roof is best for my carport?

metal carportThe two standard roof styles for carports are regular and boxed eve. Regular roofs have a rolled-corner design and come standard on carports that are 31 inches or shorter. Boxed eave roofs have a slanted design similar to roofs on most homes and tend to have more options than the regular style. Boxed eave roofs are better at displacing rain and snow and are recommended for buildings longer than 31 inches.

Do I need a permit to build a carport?

It is always best to check with your local community authority to verify if you need permission to install a new building on your land. While most places don’t require a permit, it is best to verify to avoid fines and possible prosecution for unlawful building.

What should I do to prepare my land for my carport?

Level ground is important when installing any custom metal building. Remove any vehicles and debris from the area, and level the land if possible — although some companies may include this work for an additional fee. Utility lines running underground need to be marked to avoid accidents, so mark any existing gas, water, or electric lines before installation, or call your local utility company to have them come do it free of charge.


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