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The Differences Between Modern & Old-Fashioned Wells June 24, 2019

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The Differences Between Modern & Old-Fashioned Wells, Walton, Missouri

The technology in drilling and pumping wells has changed dramatically over time, but old-fashioned wells still exist in some rural areas and on older estates. If your property doesn’t rely on a city water system, use the guide below to learn the benefits of a modern well installation so that you can decide if it’s time to upgrade.

Contemporary vs. Traditional Wells

The Differences

Conventional wells are dug or bored into the earth to access shallow groundwater. They’re lined with concrete, brick, or stone and capped with a cover to prevent animals, debris, and insects from falling in. These wells can be anywhere between 10 to 40 feet deep, though they tend to be on the shallower end of this range. They must be dug at least 25 feet away from natural water sources such as ponds, and they should be both uphill and 100 feet from any contamination sources like septic systems or livestock. While a bucket is traditionally used to draw water, traditional wells can also be fitted with a pump.

A modern well installation is bored by a well drilling contractor with a rotary drill machine. This equipment is strong enough to drill through solid rock to reach the underground water table. Contemporary wells are typically between 100 and 500 feet deep and have a pump that’s either submerged in the well or sitting at the top to pull the water upward. Thanks to pipe, casing, and electrical components, this style of private well can be connected directly to a home’s plumbing system.

The Benefits of a Modern Well Installation

well installationBecause drilled wells draw on a deep aquifer rather than shallow groundwater, they are much less susceptible to contamination than old-fashioned dug wells. There’s no risk of pulling up sand or other debris along with the water. You also have much more flexibility in determining the well’s location, and you can expect the well to yield water for 50 years. Plus, nothing beats the convenience of having the water piped directly into the home.


If your property has a shallow, dug well, then contamination is a concern. Marshall Eye Jr. Water Well Drilling & Repair Service is a fourth-generation business that has been providing Potosi, MO, with well installation and maintenance since 1959. Their dependable water well drilling service will provide you with a top-of-the-line modern well that you can rely on for decades. Learn more about their services online, or call (314) 541-6239 to discuss what’s best for your property.

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