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​Is Your PC Taking Forever to Shut Down? IQ Computers Services Can Help August 28, 2015

Alexandria, Alexandria
​Is Your PC Taking Forever to Shut Down? IQ Computers Services Can Help, Alexandria, Virginia

You’re in a rush to leave work, so you quickly power down your computer— or at least you try to— but your desktop is still visible on the screen, so you wait. And wait. And wait. Why does it always take so long for your computer to shut down? 

The computer repair experts at IQ Computers Services offer three ways to deal with a PC that's slow to shut down:

1. Close All Documents And Applications: Your computer doesn’t like to power off when documents and software applications are open, so make sure to save and close all documents and software applications to expedite shutdown.

2. Update Your OS And Drivers: If you’ve got automatic updates, then you’re good to go. If you don’t, make sure you download the newest drivers and operating system updates, which will likely reverse any bugs that could cause shutdown issues.

3. Inspect Your Hard Drive. If your hard drive has been corrupted or is simply getting old, it will prevent your PC from shutting down. Head over to the My Computer icon on your desktop and find your PC’s hard drive. Go to Properties and open the Tools tab. Use the error check to see if there are any issues with your hard drive. You can call the computer repair experts at IQ Computers Services for suggestions on how to diagnose an ailing hard drive.

For more ways to optimize your computer's speed, or to get computer support for virus removal, call Virginia's top tech professionals at IQ Computer Services at (703) 594-7271, or visit them on the web.