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5 Signs Your Loved One Will Benefit From Home Care June 28, 2019

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5 Signs Your Loved One Will Benefit From Home Care, Henderson, Kentucky

As people get older, their physical and mental capabilities decline. When daily tasks become too burdensome, home care can help restore a happy and healthy quality of life. Find out what signs to look for in your loved one’s behavior that could indicate they are ready for assistance. 

5 Indications It’s Time to Get Your Loved One Home Care

1. Forgetfulness

Problems with memory could be early warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Forgetfulness carries risks, for instance, if seniors neglect a pot on the stove or stop taking their medication. In later stages, individuals may even wander off and get lost. A caregiver’s supervision will minimize these security risks.

2. Changes in Personality 

home careDementia or Alzheimer’s may bring personality changes, leaving some people moody and withdrawn. So-called “sundowner’s syndrome” refers to agitated behavior that becomes more severe as the day progresses and is common in those with dementia. A home care professional offers companionship to combat isolation and is trained to manage this behavior.

3. Personal Hygiene Problems

Matted hair, bad breath, rumpled dirty clothes — these are all red flags that your loved one isn’t taking care of themselves like they should. This could be due to cognitive impairment or because of problems with mobility and coordination. 

4. Lack of Tidiness

A messy home might mean cleaning up has become too taxing for your loved one. Look for dirty laundry, piles of dishes, and garbage that hasn’t been taken out. The state of the refrigerator may also be an indicator: A lack of sustenance could mean grocery shopping has become a challenge that requires assistance.

5. Injuries or Falls

With diminished mobility and coordination, seniors are more prone to falls. Injuries or bruises due to tumbles could mean they have trouble balancing. Mobility aids can provide daily support while having a caregiver on site ensures someone is present in case an accident occurs.


MASH Home Care knows how daunting it is to entrust your loved one’s care to another person. That’s why they vet their caregivers thoroughly, using only professionally trained individuals driven by a desire to help others. From their headquarters in Henderson, KY, they serve both Webster and Union counties. Learn more about their personal elderly care and companionship services online or call (270) 212-3620 to discuss your family’s needs. 

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