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3 Sedation Dentistry Options for Children July 12, 2019

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3 Sedation Dentistry Options for Children, Anchorage, Alaska

As a parent, your child’s safety and comfort are your primary concern. When your little one needs dental care, sedation may be needed to assure this. Perhaps the procedure requires your fidgety kid to stay completely still, or maybe they have a particularly lengthy appointment. Whatever the case may be, there are safe sedation dentistry options available.

3 Types of Kid-Friendly Sedation Options

1. Nitrous Oxide

dental careAlso known as laughing gas, this is a noninvasive means of sedation. Kids breathe in the nitrous oxide with a bit of oxygen through a mask. After about five minutes, they will feel relaxed and a bit giggly. They are awake the entire time, however. This is ideal for nervous young patients who experience anxiety over dental care. 

2. Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is an oral medication that puts kids into a sleepier state than nitrous oxide, but they remain awake and lucid enough to follow instructions from the children’s dentist. The patient will breathe on their own and wake up easily from the sedation. This option is best suited for older kids and teens and isn’t recommended for fearful younger individuals.

3. Deep Sedation 

Deep sedation is administered via intravenous medications. The child may still move a bit or make noises once they’re under, but they will not be conscious. A qualified anesthesiologist must be on hand to monitor the child’s heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. This is recommended for more serious or lengthier surgeries.


Deciding which sedation dentistry option is best for your child depends on the procedure at hand. Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage will be happy to discuss your dental care options and advise accordingly. Dr. Chris Coplin and his team are committed to providing the personalized care needed to create beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime. They are skilled at making young ones feel at ease and strive to instill good oral health care habits in their patients. Review their full pediatric dental care services online, or call (907) 274-2525 to schedule an appointment.

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